"What do you want or need to talk about?

People seek Counselling for many reasons.  I think it is useful any time, and not just at breaking point. 


We all know when things just don't feel quite right, when we're out of balance or if we're at the point of giving up completely.


"Asking for help at these times is an investment in ourselves and a sign of strength".

Counselling helps by talking and working through any difficulties or challenges, exploring and understanding our many different thoughts and feelings, and finding a positive way forward.

I believe my role is to create a safe, confidential non-judgemental space where Clients can be heard, acknowledged and valued for the unique individual they are. 


"When we experience these conditions growth, healing, recovery and reaching our true potential can happen."

Counselling Fee's

Counselling sessions last approx 50 minutes and cost £40 per session.

I use the first session as an assessement, a time to see if I can help or if you want to work with me. 


This initial assessment is charged at the normal session rate which will last about an hour.


There is no obligation to continue if it doesn't feel right for you.